Presentations from Dr. Paul Drago

In addition to more than two decades of medical experience, Barnwell County, South Carolina’s Dr. Paul Drago possesses a background in areas of medicine ranging from acute trauma to long-term care to otolaryngology. Outside of his practice, Dr. Drago has given numerous presentations over the course of his career.

In 2007, he spoke to the NFL Retired Players Association in Charlotte, North Carolina, about new anti-aging therapies. The year before, he spoke before the Ballantyne Breakfast Club and appeared on Radio 107.9 to discuss the same topic. He has also given numerous more technical lectures. In 2003, he spoke on pediatric infectious diseases before Rock Hill, South Carolina’s York Nurse Practitioners. During the same year, he spoke on sinusitis and allergy, nasal steroids, and pediatric infectious diseases. Dr. Drago’s other presentations include “Evaluating the Potential Malpractice case—What to Look For” and “Hair Removal and Photofacial with the PPX Laser.”


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